The wisdom of our ancestors still provides us with powerful inspiration. Their proven and centuries-tested knowledge still maintains its place in the modern world and forms the cornerstone of our world of beauty. We respect tradition and the generations before us, but at the same time we strive for constant innovation and the search for new, effective solutions. For us, the combination of these two aspects is key, which is reflected in our products.

Our Values


The power of ingredients such as Neem, Amla, Turmeric, Tea Tree or Brahmi are revered as precious treasures in Indian cultures. These gifts from mother nature are equipped with extraordinary properties aimed at long-term results and serve above all to maintain the health of the skin and hair through deep nutrition.


We do not compromise on the quality and effectiveness of our products and we do not back down from our standards. Products that do not meet our demanding requirements simply do not make it into our offer. Every product in our range is one that we would recommend without hesitation to our loved ones and is part of our daily care.